About Us

About Us

The Power OF Design To Create A Better Home

Terasu wallpaper provides you fantastic way to enhance the design of your living space. Our Wallpaper provide a distinctive outline that will leave an indelible impression in your home and working space. The eye-catching Wallpapers and textures are the perfect complement to any drab wall. It is the best way to add elegance to your living area. It gives depth & style to the place and makes it appear way spacious. It delivers an artistic and comprehensive style to homes and offices. The designs and themes with varied collection add provide an amazing backdrop to your walls.

About Us

Green Grass Is Happy Grass

A small garden in the balcony is a dream for many! And, Today Terasu made it possible for u to make that dream true by the usage of artificial grass. Terasu Artificial grass also known as synthetic grass is the new fad for the garden owned by oneself. It is a great substitute for natural grass as you can add the beauty of grass and greenery in your surrounding in any desired shape and style. It is an awesome way to enhance the look of your space, add greenery to the surrounding , adds a feeling of relaxation & tranquillity to your lifestyle, is pet friendly , no worries of pests , low cost maintenance and most importantly durable in nature. If you plan to add on some faux greenery to your living space. Do contact us.

We have over 15+ years of experience

We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives.


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